Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Thank You Lumiere Brothers

Rip Torn attacking Norman Mailer with a hammer is why cinema exists.

And I'm betting this scene is one of the reasons why boring hippy-dippy Warhol crap doesn't anymore.

Friday, May 13, 2011

The In Sound From Way Back When

Photos regarding "Enter Sky Pong."

Here's the kind of a thing we ran into outside our apartment on the walkway to and from the parking lot.

My friend Sam and I ran across this one day. Sam is a sweetheart and he was crashing at my place for Spring Break (he's from the gray horror that is Minnesota, the poor bastard). I'm pretty sure this photo is on Facebook and I'm tagged as the condom wrapper. I remember that, one night, after drinking, he apparently vomited all over himself and some sheets and, before I work up, washed everything and remade the bed (they were my sheets). I don't even care that it happened because the only way I would have known that this happened was when he told me not to worry, he cleaned the sheets and everything. My only thought was, "You puked last night?" God bless him.

Here is the "Tri-Pod." Need I say any more?

I will though. It was fucking retarded.

Here is Guest Cat Rocko stuck in a bookcase!


Thursday, May 12, 2011

"Omar Bradley Don't Scare"

Episode 18 is now up.

Sorry I didn't update the blog with an entry about our last episode (but other than correcting that Osama bin Laden didn't use his wife as a human shield, what else was there to post?). I'm going to double down on this week's episode, though. . . mostly because I have a lot of it written already.

Actually, I do have one correction on this episode (that I'll go into later), but the Emperor and the Japanese government actually have apologize or attempted to apologize for WWII multiple times. The quality and the quantity of the apologies is up for debate, but there are significantly more apologies than "none" I have asserted.

Here's another quick link. It's on the Liancourt Rocks, which is this age-old dispute between Korean (which Japan had the lease to for a number of years) and Japan. It's been a lightning rod for politicians for both sides who like to grandstand and say that these islands are "theirs." It's also a big talking point for revisionist historians and right-wing nutjobs in Japan, which is especially troubling. I point this out as an example of the historical territorial disputes that are kind of unique to the Asian Pacific.

A lengthy WWII dissertation to follow--

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


A new episode! I don't mind saying that this is our best yet. . . if only the damn thing would work. Maybe it's just all on my end. Anyways, point stands. The show is pretty darn good.