Friday, February 24, 2012

Praise Stalin!

We've got a new episode up!

We talk about spies and writing and not a whole lot of anything interesting. Sorry. Maybe next time?

In the mean time enjoy this trailer--

Man, that was a simpler time, wasn't it?

Monday, February 13, 2012

White Guys Free the World

We released an episode fairly recently! Two, in fact! Listen to it! Them! Whatever! The first one is honestly one of my favorites. The second one I can kind of take or leave.

To get things started, here is the real truth about the Lizardmen (the Jews)--

Laugh if you will, but I went to college with these people. They graduated.

We started the episode with how nutmeg will getchu high.

I personally remember the moment I learned that. I've never been much on getting high. I like drinking. It works for me and I believe it will continue to work for me. If I was a character in the movie Platoon, I would firmly be in the campy of Tom Berringer in that case. I'm a juicer, not a smoker. I would kill Elias, though. That shit's untoward.

But despite this being in the public sphere for. . .well, probably since forever, that doesn't stop ABC News from doing a weird story on people smoking incense. Or something.

And, in the odd chance that an adult researching nutmeg abuse is reading this blog (or, really, anyone), let me tell you: No one uses nutmeg. No one. Ever. Just like no one licks frogs and no one does whippets and no one gets high with music except maybe the dervishes, but they're into religion and shit, so leave them alone.

People don't do weird and crappy drugs because weird and crappy drugs suck. If your retard kid is huffing paint it's because there are far worse things in his life than there is awesome things in sucking up spray paint. So says I*.

And before I get too far along-- Attaching magnet bombs to the cars of political targets isn't only a move of the Israelis-- It seems that Iran might be following suit, as well.

Now, hold that thought. I'm going to work on some more, smaller entries. These things get out of hand too easy.


*And if anyone does, good of them. It'll make a great Dr. Phil episode.

Monday, February 6, 2012