Saturday, March 5, 2011

Better Late Than Blah Blah Blah-- Episode 10 Notes

"To Boldly Jerk Where No Man Has Jerked Before" annotations GO!

There's really only one story at the center of this episode, which is the article from the New Yorker detailing Paul Haggis' little non-war against Scientology. Beyond that there aren't very many other sources to cite.

There's the wikipedia pages on Operation Snow White and Fair Game and all the rest of it, but that's as suspect as anything else (I know I link it quite a lot here. I do that because it's fairly easy).

Oh, and for the record-- not that I feel the need to defend myself-- but most all of what I've picked up on Star Trek is from Red Letter Media's reviews of the films.

Plus Star Trek is for lame nerd babies and I am nothing, if not cool. I'm like three Keifer Sutherlands in The Lost Boys times Keifer Sutherland in 24 (Season 5).

Here's the jerking off bit Joe mentions from Dave Chappelle--

Why isn't he as chill as he is funny? Maybe he wouldn't be funny then. Hmmmm. A conundrum. Well, at least he's no Scientologist. Or a Manichaeist. They're the worst.

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No, wait. Please don't do that. That is awful. Be kind to your fellow man.

Let's let Captain Kirk play us out--

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