Sunday, July 10, 2011

Ned/11 Truth

Since Joe is out of town with his lovely wife, this episode features guest star/point of fun David Lumb on the mic.

We talk about Game of Thrones.

Let's get this nerd train rolling, shall we?

Here's one of the sites Dave mentions in later in the episode. I don't imagine that it's as terrible as the theories it makes room for. This whole series can become rather labyrinthine in short order, especially if you're terrible with names or, like me, you read it years and years ago. Or both.

Dave and I were talking about the size and scope of the man of Westeros (as opposed to Essos), and here's a super cool hand-drawn map of the entire continent.

And on an unrelated note, here's a comic book page that succinctly summarizes every single one of the Harry Potter books. I present to you, the Summharry.

Hey, that book had some dragons in it, right? People love dragons. Get on that, future fantasy writers of America.

As we said before: Sean Bean always dies.

I think we can all agree that "Death or not to Death" is a funnier title.

Anyways, Brienne of Tarth was cast this past week or so for the second season. This could be good. She's got the right look and while there's that natural kneejerk reaction (in addition to a simple reaction from jerks) who will say, "Oh, she's not ugly enough" (which makes me think what people would say if they cast some poor homely actress in the role), but so what? People can be ugged up far more easily than you can teach someone to act. This should be fun. It should be good.

(And before you ask, clearly a Hufflepuff.)

What else? Oh, yeah. I have a blog of my own. I've been thinking about moving it over here, but for the mean time you can pop over there and check out my entry on comics and The X-Files. Sounds intruiging? No? Fuck you.

Finally, here's a link I missed the first time around and David thankfully corrected me. Check out the Tower of the Hand. It's the only website I've ever seen where you can scale the amount of spoilers in it's pages. Meaning: You can tell pages what books you've read and it'll remove spoilers from all the books after that. Pretty damn snazzy.

Before I roll out, I'll remind you all of one of the other tit-filled intrigue fests that's on HBO. Boardwalk Empire, like Game of Thrones, isn't a great show and it speaks more of potential than it does of actual accomplishment (besides that phenomenal Martin Scorsese directed season premiere), but it's still a pretty darn good show with moments of true brilliance sprinkled through out. Let's hope they both get their shit together come their second seasons.

There sure are a lot of these things.

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