Thursday, July 5, 2012

We Also Went and Did an Episode

That's right! Episode #42! And we didn't even make a Douglas Adams reference or nothing!

Like I said Joe is involved with some kind of a baby-type situation for the time being, which means that he is going to be indisposed while people like me and my co-host Cruz Flore, gather our strength by sucking the energy out of Joe's ear through a sugar reed while he sleeps a frightful sleep.

It's fun is what it is!

(This is a movie we talk about. For some reason Manhunter has been coming up a lot recently.)

And, in case anyone wants to accuse me of being some how high-hatidly racist, the episode title is a Philip K. Dick reference and not a reference to me and my father's belief that Hispanics are agents of a crypto-Pope dead-set on creating a new Papal States in Southern California.

If I ever seem racist it is more than likely just a Philip K. Dick reference. On that I give you my scout's honor. . . My voortrekker's honor, but still, it's better than the word of a racist!

Here's the trailer for one of the other movies we talk about-- Yeah. You be the judge on that one.

One quick thought about this trailer (because I haven't read the books nor do I plan to), which is. . . Isn't the idea of a special forces killer on the run a real effed out idea? I mean, that was the entire premise of Lethal Weapon, which is a violent crime movie that is hemmed into a location. At this point I suppose that is a stock character or a well-worn idea of the genre, but how is that your selling point? The special forces just dropped Osama Bin Laden and you're making movies about how one of their number is a loose cannon. It's not disrespectful or hackney or anything, it's just odd. I guess movies about women torturers being hunted down by Madeas have to be, though.

Anyways, we cut out a bunch of junk from the last time we recorded-- Or, really, it just got lost because motherfuck the iPhone edition of Garageband-- Including our extended rapportage on Huell Howser. And all of that reminded me of the podcast Uhh Yeah Dude, which is basically the good version of our own podcast. Specifically I would like to recommend this episode, which drops some bombs about who and what Huell Howser is for those who are both initiated into the mystery of Huell and those who do not live in California or watch too much public broadcasting.



And I bid you farewell.

(Ugh. Technical error. Blogspot isn't accepting YouTube embeds for some reason. Or vice versa. Or whatever. Hold that thought. . . ) 

(Nope, shit's fucked for some damn reason. Stupid.)

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