Saturday, March 29, 2014

Near Dark Arriveth!

Sorry for being so late on the blog front. I'm still not used to updating this thing.

Episode #75 is out! It's on the excellent, underground vampire flick Near Dark. Even if you hate our asses, do yourself a favor and check this movie out!

Do it!

There's another important fact that I'd like to mention: We are changing the name of the podcast. Which is to say, we are starting a new podcast. It is going to be called A Quality Interruption.

A Quality Interruption will follow the same basic format of one movie to one episode, with maybe a few new ideas thrown in. So, if you like White Guys, Square Glasses, please make sure to make the switch over to A Quality Interruption. We already have a blank Facebook page . Go ahead and follow that so you won't miss any more news on that front.

Other than that please enjoy this awesome vampire movie!

(Poster stolen from here.)

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