Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Episode #77: A Kind of Farewell

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Episode #77 explores the cyberpunk classic Hackers. Excuse me, cyberpunk "classic." Excuse me, "cyberpunk" "classic."

I had a lot of fun watching it again. I would assume that most people would, as well. It's a big, silly movie that hasn't aged all that well and creates a kind of befuddlement that I find chamring.

Cruz didn't agree. But what are you going to do? You can't bring a horse to water. But you can shoot that horse and use it to make cat food. Think about that, Cruz, the next time you want to shit on one of my favorite cult movies.

Cruz is not only an enemy of fun, but he is now a de facto enemy of the AV Club. Does his debauchery know no bounds? How does himself in the mirror?

Of course the podcast isn't actually ending, it's becoming A Quality Interruption. And even if you did deeply care for the manic nonsense that was the WGSG show, I have my suspicions that it isn't going to go away entirely.

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