Saturday, February 12, 2011

We Did It, Guys!

Our podcast kicked autocrat Honsi Mubark (AKA "Dirty M") out of office!

Alright, I'll admit, I'm overstating it a bit, but, I think I'm safe in saying-- And I am sure you will all agree-- that our humble podcast helped in deposing one of the Middle East's longest running autocrats.

We made our effort and the deed is done.

So, keep an eye out this week, because we got another episode in the pipeline and a follow up on Egypt and the Moscow airport bombing soon. We, if anything, shall leave no stone unturned-- or made fun of. Or ignored.

We are a consistent paradox, if nothing else.

Lord knows that Egypt's future is as uncertain , but, we think that at very least Egypt has the potential for being a positive force in the region (which is a line we're stealing from Dan Carlin, by the way). There aren't any certainties and getting too excited is silly, but no one can deny the fact that it is pretty cool that you (and me) were witnesses to something your kids are going to learn about in high school. There's a select few of these events that don't involve people dying. This is important.

While White Guys, Square Glasses, as a podcast, didn't quite crack the surface of Egypt's complex political dramas, we'd like to think that we got one or two people interested (besides the tens of thousands we galvanized for the Revolution, I mean). We won't ever get too polemic, but we have no desire to shy away from talking about important, complicated shit that is going on in the world-- even if we are discintly unqualified.

This is exciting times to be podcasting and we're chuffed as nuts to be here.

Now, I'm going to leave The Clash to play us out.

Thanks, Joe.

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